Haut Family Golden Puppies

About Us

Sometimes man’s best friend is a Golden Retriever or an English Cream Golden.  Training and caring for our dogs is a difficult but rewarding process. We are responsible for ensuring they get their daily meals, exercise, and love.  It’s nice to include them on short trips, such as going to the store. It’s  a rewarding adventure for them as well as for me.  It is mutually enjoyable when we go on vacations. They look forward to it and get very excited when we drive past the lake. Golden retrievers are excellent swimmers and love to fetch the fallen branches that we toss into the lake. I am thrilled that my dogs are as attached to me and my family as we are to them!

We  have a purebred, registered stud with a balanced stride and glistening coat.

Our dogs go everywhere with us. They love to take a swim in the lake, play fetch and Frisbee, and go for walks.  Many vacation spots welcome puppies and dogs.  We couldn’t think of our babies being left behind. They need a vacation too!

Why Goldens?​

We have always been lovers of Golden Retrievers.  We have expanded our family to English Cream Golden Retrievers from Europe, and still have our more traditional Golden’s from the United States.  We chose to expand our family because we found that our customer’s love the white golden retriever’s as much as we do.  We are proud of all of our dogs and even pleased that they are calm, due to their great temperament.