Haut Family Golden Puppies

About Us

Sometimes man’s best friend is a Golden Retriever or an English Cream Golden.  Our love for dogs runs deep, and it shows in every aspect of our puppies. We pour our hearts and souls into raising English Cream Golden Retrievers that are not only beautiful but also loving and loyal companions. Caring for our dogs is a labor of love that we take very seriously. We provide them with a safe and comfortable home, daily nutritious meals, exercise, and affection. We take the time to get to know each dog individually, understanding their unique personalities and quirks, so we can give them the best possible care. We believe that including our dogs in our daily lives and adventures is essential for their happiness and well-being. Golden retrievers are excellent swimmers and love to fetch the fallen branches that we toss into the lake. I am thrilled that my dogs are as attached to me and my family as we are to them!

At our home, we are dedicated to nurturing strong bonds between our dogs and their new families. It brings us great joy to hear about the special moments and memories that our puppies create with their new families. We take pride in knowing that we have provided families with a furry companion that will be a loyal and loving member of their family for years to come.

We’re proud to have a purebred, registered stud with a balanced stride and a shiny coat.

Our dogs go everywhere with my family. They enjoy playing fetch and frisbee, taking a swim in the lake, and going for walks. Many vacation spots welcome pets, and we couldn’t imagine leaving our beloved dogs behind. They need a vacation too!

Why Goldens?​

We have always been lovers of Golden Retrievers. Our love for Golden Retrievers has led us to expand our family to include English Cream Golden Retrievers from Europe, in addition to our traditional American Goldens. We chose to add white Golden Retrievers because they are beloved by our customers, just as they are by us. We take pride in all of our dogs and are delighted that they have great temperaments, making them calm and affectionate companions.